Camping dinner ideas for large groups

Love to go camping? We do too! These 50 Easy Camping Recipes are your go-to resource to plan your next camping trip! Make ahead or perfect for campfires! My family loves to go camping. Getting out into the woods and finding that sense of calm away from the city is one of our favorite summer break activities. With two growing boys,e having easy camping recipes on hand is a must. These 50 camping recipes cover every meal of the day.

This is my go-to list whenever where heading out.

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From make-ahead options to on-site easy to whip up meals, these are the best camping recipes around! Start your day off right with these camping breakfast recipes!

These camping drink recipes have adults in mind since we usually bring waters, Capri Suns, and sodas as a default. Getting the munchies midday is no biggie with the best camping snack recipes! These simple camping sides can be made or prepped ahead of time and finished off at the campsite for an easy meal pairing!

In fact, the easier the better! These meals are simple, delicious, and sure to satisfy! Camping dessert recipes? If you enjoyed these recipes you may also enjoy our collection of.

50 Easy Camping Recipes for the Great Outdoors

Best Grilling Recipes. I'm the Managing Editor here at Real Housemoms. Watch your inbox for your free guide. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name. Email Address. We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. As seen onThere are more moving parts, more hungry people hovering nearby, more bugs. Cooking for big groups at a campground is just a lot more work.

With a little planning and a smart grocery list, you can turn any group campsite into a commercial-scale cooking operation. These easy camping meals for large groups are already scaled for a crowd.

By prepping some ingredients beforehand and finishing others with campground-friendly techniques like roasting meats and vegetables on campfire skewersyour whole menu can come together with minimal effort.

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This flexible large-format meal can easily be made inclusive of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diners, those who prefer varying degrees of spice, and the usual gamut of preferences and aversions. To feed up to 20 hungry people with big appetites stoked by miles on the trail, fix up the following:.

You can fire-roast the chicken and beef or brown in a cast iron skillet while you set out all your burrito bar fillings buffet-style. Before filling each burrito, toast the tortilla in your cast iron pan or briefly over the grate of your charcoal grill. Mix ingredients well in a non-reactive bowl. Toss chicken until well coated and refrigerate or keep on ice in a cooler overnight, or until you reach your destination.

Make sure you have enough for everyone to enjoy more than one sausage, so aim for at least of each type of sausage, with buns to match. As with the burrito bar, you can cook the sausages themselves in classic style with campfire skewers while someone else sets out all the condiments. A familiar assortment of comforting foods that are packed with enough protein to fuel your outdoor fun and enough sugar to feel like a treat, breakfast is one of the ideal easy camping meals for large groups.

Breakfast is easy to spin into a vegan or vegetarian camping meal. The classic option is a big batch of pancakes using a recipe like the one published by King Arthur Flour which can easily serve up to 75 hungry diners.

Talk about an easy camping meal for large groups— the main ingredient is a five-pound bag of flour. The real reason so many campgrounds have charcoal grills as an amenity, other than mitigating fire risk, is because grilling out is such a satisfying, simple way to prep easy camping meals for large groups.

Burgers, kebabs, corn, chicken breasts, steaks, brisket, or barbecue all cook up beautifully over charcoal or over wood coals with several campfire skewers. Side dishes for a Group-Size Grill-Out are easy to make ahead, and can be kept a safe temperature with some ice and a high-quality backpack cooler.

The recipe below should feed 20, can be largely prepped ahead of time and packed in. What really makes it one of the best camping meals for large groups, though, is that you simply throw all the ingredients together in a cast iron wokcook-it-allor openfire pan.

Pre-cook the rice and bag separately. When the oil is hot enough to sizzle when you flick a little water into it, toss in your stir-fry protein and veggies in batches, if need be. Add oil as needed to keep everything cooking without sticking, but without getting too greasy.

Cook the protein first, then add the veggies halfway through browning the meat so they stay crisp. Finish with hot sauce and crumbled peanuts to taste. Few meals scale up as nicely as a big pasta dinner.

6 Easy Camping Meals for Large Groups

Pasta is filling, cheap, and lightweight.Subscribe to our newsletter. Camping provides the opportunity to cook creatively since you're working with limited tools, unpredictable conditions, and fewer ingredients. As cool as brewing kombucha or mandoline-slicing veggies for campfire ratatouille sounds, you'll probably be happier making simple yet filling foods while you're living in a tent. Here are 14 easy recipesfrom breakfast to dessert, that make campsite cooking approachable and delicious.

They're super customizable, meaning you can top yours with anything from a chocolate smiley face to a blueberry heart. It's the most high-effort recipe on this list, but it only requires one skillet. The minimal advance prep will go a long way. When dusted with cinnamon sugar and cooked over the fire, they're sweet, buttery, and the perfect vehicle for copious amounts of whipped cream.

This Mexican-inspired dish is basically breakfast lasagna, as it comes together easily with layers of salsa, beans, chips, and cheese — plus eggs on top. This budget-friendly vegetarian meal comes together in minutes, no heat necessary. While they cook, have fun shaking up some mason-jar whipped cream — just try not to eat it all with a spoon before the fruit is done.

Your fellow campers will have a blast customizing their own skewers and lettuce wraps. When fried for just a few minutes, it gets perfectly golden on the outside and remains toothsome throughout.

These packs seal in a lot of heat, so everything melds to the chips, and the cheese melts perfectly.

camping dinner ideas for large groups

Their saltiness draws out even more sweetness from chocolate, and their crispiness is the perfect contrast with pillowy marshmallows. They do it in Belgium all the time. This minute stir-fry comes together with three main ingredients and requires zero advance work.

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You can try everything on from the comfort and safety of your home, keep what you love, and send back the rest totally hassle-free.Nothing quite matches the fun of camping with friends and family. However, vacationing with a crowd also requires more planning than a small group trip. Coordinating schedules, figuring out traveling logistics and planning a delicious group menu can quickly get complicated.

camping dinner ideas for large groups

At first, the thought of coordinating food for a large camping group can be overwhelming. What meals are fast, simple and tasty for the whole group — and can also be made using a campfire or more rustic cooking equipment?

Here are some tips and tricks to provide some inspiration and help get you started. Cooking for a crowd is different than cooking for a handful of people. Set yourself up for success by carefully planning, prepping and asking questions. Take a look at these tips to help you create a menu of camping meals that are easy and enjoyable:. Many of the best camping meals can be prepped before you even leave your home. For example, if you want to enjoy pancakes for breakfast one morning, you could make the batter a few days before.

Pack the batter in a cooler and bring it to the campsite — all you need is to heat a pan and spoon out the batter, and your group will flock to the campfire. To be safe, try to plan meals without common allergens like peanuts or soybeans.

Also, consider bringing food alternatives, like gluten-free bread along with regular loaves. This way, if one of the group forgot to tell you about their allergy, you will have safe options for them to eat on-hand. Camping with a group is often a restorative, restful experience, but it can also mean juggling multiple opinions and inputs.

To simplify the trip, plan out daily menus ahead of time — know what food you are eating on what days. Ask other people in the group to bring certain foods or prepare meals. This will reduce your own workload, and it will help create a collaborative environment for the trip. A day or two before you leave, check in with people who are contributing and make sure they are on track — clear communication is crucial to avoid any mishaps.

21 Easy Camping Meals For Large Groups

Make sure you pack enough utensils for the entire group, along with enough napkins, cups and plates. Overestimate how many you think you will need — between various snacks and meals, people tend to go through multiple items over the course of a day. Here are seven quick and easy breakfast ideas to energize your group without requiring hours over the campfire:.

If you prefer to prepare fresh batter, try No Mess, No Fuss pancakes — all you need is pancake mix, milk or water, eggs, a large zip-lock baggie and a hot pan. Feel free to have fun with your recipe, too. Another tasty variation is banana nut pancakeswhich are perfect for crisp autumn mornings.Include some of these tasty camping food ideas on your camping menu and you will look forward to every meal.

Pack a good camping stove. You can cook just about anything on a two-burner camping stove that you could cook on your stovetop at home. The trick is making sure that your stove offers decent wind protection and simmer control. We recommend this camping stoveor check out our full review on the best camping stoves here!

Prep what you can ahead of time. Make your life easier once you are at the campsite by doing some of the work ahead of time. Chop vegetables, pre-cut meat for kabobs, make your marinades and sauces. If you are new to camp cooking, set yourself up for success by choosing camp meals and cooking techniques that you already use at home. Brush up on some of your camp skills.

Learn about how to pack a cooler properly, how to wash dishes at a campsiteand how to use a camping Dutch oven. A great day outdoors starts with a great breakfast.

Here are a few of our favorite camping breakfast ideas. Get the recipe 2. Banana Bread Pancakes Who would settle for regular old pancakes when you could start your morning with Banana Bread Pancakes?! Get the recipe 3. Blistered cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and shallots all layered together with cheese and eggs, a frittata is a wonderful way to start your morning.

Get the recipe 4. This is one of our favorite camping breakfasts! Get the recipe 5.

52 Incredibly Delicious Camping Food Ideas

French Toast French toast is a camp classic. In this recipe, we break down the basics so you can make perfect French toast, every time! Get the recipe 6. Cinnamon Apple Pancakes Light, fluffy, and layered with incredible apple flavor, these cinnamon apple cider pancakes are the ultimate fall weather camping breakfast.

Get the recipe 7. Chorizo and Sweet Potato Hash Sweet potato breakfast hash with crumbled chorizo sausage and diced scallions—this super satisfying one skillet breakfast is a perfect way to start the day.

Get the recipe 8. Get the recipe 9. Get the recipe The fireflies are glowing, the birds are chirping, and the temps are up—all of which make for great conditions to go on hikes, swim in streams, and sleep under the stars. It's time to check the family calendar and start penciling in some camping trips, hiking excursions, and plenty of outdoor adventures. As you start organizing your road trips to some of the best U.

Don't worry. Thanks to clever, make-ahead camping meals, easy Dutch oven recipesyou're in for some tasty treats. Many campfire dishes can be prepped ahead of time and some you can finish completely before you head for the woodsand that goes for easy campfire dessertstoo. Figuring out the best hikes in the U. Click through for meals that are sure to make for happy campers! Just because you're "roughing it" doesn't mean you can't enjoy appetizers.

Start dinner off right with a everyone's favorite warm dip. Prep ahead and cook when you get back to camp. Get the recipe. Make the beans ahead and simply reheat them while the hot dogs cook. Dinner in minutes leaves more time for storytelling around the campfire! Make this fresh summer tomato and Cheddar galette before you hit the trails.

You deserve a mouthwatering steak and a hearty baked potato after a day spent climbing a mountain or paddling a canoe! Get a head start by baking your potatoes and broccoli ahead of time. Wrap in foil and reheat over the fire while the steak cooks.

Nachos aren't just for the Super Bowl! Canned black beans and rotisserie chicken tossed with store-bought enchilada sauce get layered over crispy tortilla chips and warmed over a fire. Eat as an appetizer or serve for dinner. They are going to be a hit!

camping dinner ideas for large groups

The possibilities are endless when it comes to these Mason jars. Fill each container with your favorite fruit and yogurt flavor. A sprinkle of granola or a drizzle of nut butter would be a delicious finish. Get the recipe at Iowa Girl Eats.

These loaded packets can be heated up over the grill or the campfire for a hearty dinner.

Top 5 Easy Camping Meals - Camping Food and Camp Cooking for Beginners - Camping Food Ideas

Serve with a side of crusty bread so campers can assemble their own sandwiches. Get the recipe at Chelsea's Messy Apron.Sometimes the groups can get as large as 8 to 10 people when we decide to take a nice vacation together. In addition to trying to keep the whole group together the other big thing we all have to decide on is food.

Everyone usually wants to eat something different. To help simplify things I thought it would be a great idea if our group came up with some simple meals that everyone could enjoy way before we go on our trip.

The main focus of these meals is simplicity in preparation and ease of cooking and cleanup. I figured it would be a great idea to start this list off with burgers. Burgers are really easy to cook even on low heat although I prefer mine well done. Add in some thick bread buns, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and whatever you need! Italian sausages are juicy, quite filling and have an amazing flavor to them. Cooking these in a grill is fine, but have you ever tried them over a campfire?

The method is really simple. Rotate it every couple of minute to make sure it gets fully cooked. Once the sausages are finished slap them into a bun or eat them right off the stick!

I want to quickly jump from lunch and dinner meals and tackle a breakfast dish. To cook your eggs just toss them into a skillet and finish them sunny side up. I like cooking it over a campfire and flipping the eggs just to entertain my friends. Next toss in the bacon and cook that. For the biscuit part things can get a little tricky.

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If it were up to me I would precook the biscuits at home before the trip and then bring them along in a cooler. This way you can just toss them in a pan and heat them up over the grill since there is no oven outdoors unless you have a portable oven!